These scans below are the 'Guitar Effects Processor' (GEP) pages from Practical Electronics
(1975 July Issue) on which my original Gristleizer unit was based. The circuit was designed by Roy Gwinn.
These pages serve as a simple depository for the plethora of Gristleizer related projects, concepts, products and news stories from around the internet. Apart from my own designed and built Gristleizer units the only other commercial Gristleizers I have used was the 2009 desktop reproduction designed and produced by Endagered Audio Research, USA - see the post ‘The Gristleizer Reproduction - 2009 Desktop Edition’ above for more info.
I am posting this information here as a service to anyone who may be unaware of these Gristleizer products but who may also be interested in finding out more about them. I have no affiliations with any of the companies listed or mentioned and they are in no way endorsed or condoned by me (Chris Carter) or (as far as I know) by Roy Gwinn. Also I cannot vouch for the quality of most of the Gristleizer products here as I have not used them.
Last updated April 2017
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