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A brand new range of official TG endorsed Gristleizer Eurorack modules are currently in the works - these are being designed right here in the UK by the original designer Roy Gwinn,
Future Sound Systems and myself. Final production is still some months away but we are now in the latter beta testing stages and things are sounding very good. When I have more details of the different modules that will be available and a release schedule I will post the information on these pages. Watch this space or follow our Twitter feed at… @THEGRISTLEIZER to get all the latest news and more.

More will be revealed on the
19th August at
Leeds Modular Meet.
The Gristleizer (aka: The Gristleiser or The Gristliser) was an analogue special effects unit used by industrial experimental band Throbbing Gristle during the 1970s & early 1980s. The original Gristleizer unit (including the name) was conceived and made by me (Chris Carter) and was based on a DIY construction project designed by Roy Gwinn, which was published as the 'GEP' (Guitar Effects Pedal) in Practical Electronics magazine (July 1975 issue). More on this can be found in the posts below. If you have photos of custom Gristleizer units that you’d like me to included on this page then please write to me using this CONTACT FORM. The most recent photos I’ve received are included under the CUSTOM BUILDS tab below. (but please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page)

By the way…
It’s odd but for some reason I have recently (in 2016) been getting a lot of people asking me if I would build a Gristleizer for them. Acquaintances, friends of friends, fans and so on. Well you (dear reader) may not know this but I only ever actually built a handful of Gristleizers (8 to 10 or so… I lost count) and that was way back in the late 1970s - and up until the turn of this century Cosey and myself were still using our original models. But mine was stolen (or “mislaid” apparently!) at a TG exhibition in London and Cosey’s unit died a couple of years ago and couldn’t be resuscitated. Anyway… back to the point and to belay anyone else asking (and me politely declining, yet again), no I don’t build Gristleizers anymore… not for anyone! But you will be able to purchase one of our new improved Eurorack Gristleizer modules when we release them for sale in 2017.
These pages serve as a simple depository for the plethora of Gristleizer related projects, concepts, products and news stories from around the internet. Apart from my own designed and built Gristleizer units the only other commercial Gristleizers I have used was the 2009 desktop reproduction designed and produced by Endagered Audio Research, USA - see the post ‘The Gristleizer Reproduction - 2009 Desktop Edition’ above for more info.
I am posting this information here as a service to anyone who may be unaware of these Gristleizer products but who may also be interested in finding out more about them. I have no affiliations with any of the companies listed or mentioned and they are in no way endorsed or condoned by me (Chris Carter) or (as far as I know) by Roy Gwinn. Also I cannot vouch for the quality of most of the Gristleizer products here as I have not used them.
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