Chris Carter’s Chemistry Lessons

The CCCL project is a glimpse of what I work on in my spare time between my various day jobs (which comprises of recording and performing in Carter Tutti, Chris & Cosey, Carter Tutti Void and Throbbing Gristle etc.). The project involves a fair bit of audio circuitry R&D, prototyping and building and some retro circuit modification, although it shouldn’t be thought of as a 'circuit bending' endeavour. One of my larger earlier CCCL assemblages is the "no Guitars' Boss pedal board and the Tutti Box Mk1 noise generator (see below). I also work with a number of other combinations of desktop effects units, sound generators, synths (modular and otherwise), touch controller and various handheld devices. At this stage the project has progressed in a number of different directions, all of an experimental nature. Occasionally I will make my audio undertakings and compositions available online but the fruition and final outcome (if any) of this project is still to be determined. Most recent posts are at the bottom of the page.
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